We are thrilled to announce our expanded Sustainable Champion Initiative!

In October 2022, EUROCHAMTT partnered with the United Nations (Trinidad and Tobago) office to recognise businesses with sustainability initiatives.

These businesses have implemented policy changes and made investments with a view to contributing not only economically to their businesses, but also positively to the environment and society and maintaining high standards of governance with respect to the environment and societal impact of their operations.

In response to the need by business for a deeper understanding of national and global sustainability-related agreements and action, EUROCHAMTT has expanded the scope of its sustainability initiative. Our support will go beyond the self-assessment and awards and will support businesses to get started on their journey to policy change and strategy for identifying, measuring and reporting impact. We will also continue to recognize businesses making progress and provide opportunities to show case those businesses.

You can have a look at our past winners here

Our 2023 to 2024 programme now comprises five components:

  1. One-day Sustainability Workshop at Asa Wright Nature Centre – 17th November 2023
  2. Call for Applicants for the Sustainability Champion Awards (opened from 18th October 2023 – January 17th, 2024)
  3. Sustainability Champion Awards ceremony – Friday 15 March 2024
  4. Workshop Series one subject per session (January 2024 – June 2024)
  5. Exhibition of sustainable products and services (in development).

There are many ways to get involved:

  1. Register for the One -Day Worksop at Hadco Experience at Asa Wright Nature Centre:
  2. Sign up for the Self-Assessment and Awards:
  3. Ask about the sponsorship packages.
  4. Save the date to join us for the Awards Ceremony in March 2024
  5. Express your interest to be an exhibitor.

We are pleased to announce our gold sponsors

One-Day Sustainability Workshop on 17th November 2023 at Hadco Experiences at As Wright Nature Centre.

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TTD 1,000 (USD 148) for EUROCHAMTT members and TTD 1,250 (USD 185) for non-members. An optional shared transport service with Southern Sales is available for TTD 207 (USD 31) per person. Participation requires pre-registration.

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Register by filling out the online form here

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Call for Applications for the Sustainability Champion Awards 2024

The awards scheme has taken into consideration:

  • UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • The EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)
  • EU Environmental Sustainability Taxonomy
  • TTS/ISO 37000:2022 Governance of organisations – Guidance –
  • Business for Nature.

The awards target businesses of any size, across any sector, operating in Trinidad and Tobago for at least three years. Note, there is a specific additional section for participating companies in the fossil fuel industry.

The award questionnaire consists of a general profile section and three assessment dimensions consisting of a total of 12 assessment domains. For each of the 12 domains, you are invited to explain status as well as to provide a brief freeform description about your situation and approach.

Sustainability Evaluation Criteria

Environmental Impact Assessment and Disclosure Social Impact Assessment and Disclosure Governance
·       Climate change (GHG emissions) ·       Workforce impact of operations (positive and negative) ·       Governing for environmental and social impact
·       Pollution control ·       Working conditions policy o   Roles and structure established t
·       Water & Marine Resources Use and Value generated for operations ·       Workers in Value Chain- impact of operations (positive and negative) o   Data considered
·       Biodiversity & Ecosystems Use and Value generated for Operations ·       Affected communities impact of operations (positive and negative) o   Values established
·       Circular economy (use of non-virgin resources, recycling and reuse, renewable energy) ·       Customers and End Users o   Sustainability targets set
o   Sustainability related risk management
Business Conduct
·       Organisation culture related to ethical business conduct
·       Supply chain management related to sustainability
·       Policies to prevent bribery and corruption

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