Since the formation of the organisation to the present and continuing in the future, climate action is an important theme promoted by EUROCHAMTT.

Many of our members are directly involved in clean technologies and businesses promoting sustainable development.

We work with our members and partners to organise, implement or participate in special project s promoting climate action and ultimately the application of clean technologies in business.

Here are some examples of past and on-going initiatives in this theme:

  • The Tobago Good Foods Project implemented from 2014 – 2017 promoted sustainably grown foods and technology in Tobago;
  • The Port of Spain Revitalization Workshop November 2014 was the first action we took towards advocating for a sustainable capital city that could enhance its natural assets and heritage to attract new investment and residents;
  • In the Green Urban Transport Workshop 2016 EUROCHAMTT worked with several partners to dialogue on green transport policy and viable actions that could be taken to improve the sustainability, safety, mobility and overall impact on the urban environment in Port of Spain;
  • EUROCHAMTT participated in the International Coastal Clean-up Initiative (ICC) 2018, 2019 and continues to be an active member of the national planning committee as well as site captain and organiser for one site. This initiative seeks to get a good understanding of the extent and impact of contaminants in our coastal areas while taking decisive action to restore the natural marine environment;
  • EUROCHAMTT has supported its member Carnicycle, to launch an initiative that promotes recycling of carnival costumes and a more sustainable Carnival that keeps our cities clean;
  • EUROCHAMTT continues to advocate with partners for sustainable cities initiatives based on UN SDG Goal 11.
    • Green spaces/nature flourishes: contributing to improved air filtration, mental health, physical activity in cities
    • Water management improves: through retention and flood management projects
    • Built heritage is restored and adaptive use promoted for sustainability
    • Air is monitored and cleaner
    • Waste management and recycling is increased
    • Landfills are redesigned to support recycling
    • Transport is greener and safer: buses/ public transport run with cleaner energy, walking/ pedestrianisation and cycling supported resulting in less vehicular traffic, emissions and increased safety
    • Renewable energy to power lights and A/C is increased and managed smartly- City cost for lighting decreases
    • Access to safe, healthy food is encouraged
    • Security, safety and violence indicators are addressed and decline

EUROCHAMTT has contributed as a stakeholder to EMA Waste Rules 2018.

We have hosted a presentation by the EU on the Draft Road map towards sustainable energy, 2017.

In 2017, we lead partners to strongly advocate for the Ratification of the Climate Change /Paris Agreement in a joint statement to the Cabinet