The Tobago Good Foods Project was designed and implemented successfully by EUROCHAMTT from January 2014 – July 2017. The project concept was a response to the needs of hotels and restaurants in Tobago for high quality locally produced foods from raw materials grown in Tobago and for new agro tourism activities. Good food refers to food from producers and processors that practice good, agricultural and processing practices that respect human health and the environment and promote sustainable agriculture. The idea is for ‘good foods’ to become part of the product offered in Tobago. The concept is also consistent with the branding of Tobago as clean, green, and serene and therefore this project will contribute not only to higher quality agro products but also to the branding efforts of Tobago.

EUROCHAMTT’s strategy for attaining the project objectives included:

The project has derived benefits in terms of both agricultural production and agro tourism products in Tobago. Some of the accomplishments thus far include:

Apart from the agricultural production aspect, the project has now created new agro tourism sites which offer a unique experience to local and international visitors to Tobago: visits to tropical fruit, dairy goat farms, beekeepers and cocoa estates. All of the sites are generally attractive and offer opportunities to sample and buy products.

The project is expected to come to an end by mid year once the certification process is complete but can be expanded and replicated to more sites in Tobago.

Beneficiaries of Tobago Good Foods and Featured Products