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Port of Spain Revitilization Project

On the 4th November 2014, the European Business Chamber in Trinidad and Tobago hosted a workshop on the theme: POS Revitalisation. The workshop was hosted with the endorsement of His Worship the Mayor of the City of Port of Spain, Alderman Raymond Tim Kee and brought together close to 100 persons, including local and international speakers, several civil society, professional, business and governmental organisations to dialogue and learn about possible options, models and tools towards a revitalised Capital City of Port of Spain.

Three panels of presenters were featured as follows:


Moderated by Mr. Louis Lee Sing, immediate past Mayor of the City of Port of Spain, media professional and writer.


Moderated by Dr. Kris Rampersad, media cultural, literary heritage educator and also Chair of the Trinidad and Tobago, National Commission for UNESCO


Moderated by Dr. James Armstrong, architect, urban planner and artist.


Solar and Wind Street Lights for Trinidad & Tobago

Presented by Smart Energy Ltd and Precision Power and Air (Caribbean) Ltd, this video shows the environmentally friendly use of solar powered and wind turbine powered LED lights in various locations around Trinidad & Tobago including at the Queen's Park Savannah, the Brian Lara Promenade, the Solomon Hochoy Highway, the Priority Bus Route and the Fore Shore Highway Lookout.

Convergence and Urbanism of Central and East Port of Spain

Presented by M. A&D, this video explores the two distinctive zones within Port of Spain: the "City of Port of Spain" and "East Port of Spain" which have distinctively different identities. It offers solutions for bringing these zones together to form a unified identity for our capital city.

Ruedi Baur Visual Language Port of Spain

Presented by Reudi Baur and Vera Baur, this video considers the history of the City of Port of Spain and the name of the city itself. It considers how a city identity can be built from the fact that the City is a Port and is an omnipresent reminder of the importance of the City as a gateway and opportunity to say hello and goodbye to the hundreds of thousands who visit daily. The presenters also recognise diversity, joyfulness and colour as potential aspects of the City identity. It considers the "specificity of a place" and how to build an identity out of Port of Spain's current reality.