Among our most valuable assets are the combined international and local skills and experience of our members. In Article 13 of the EUROCHAMTT By-Laws, the role and authorities of COMMITTEES in the management of the business of the Chamber have been outlined to facilitate members’ formal involvement and decision making through the functions of the Committee in which they participate. The EUROCHAMTT Board recognises that the effectiveness of the organisation is dependant on active participation and input of members. The Board believes that members also have an opportunity for adding to our corporate social responsibility through active participation on the Committees as well as an opportunity to influence Government policy towards a more attractive investment environment.

The following committees have been established or are in development for 2013 – 2014:

  • Lobbying Committee
  • EUROCHAMTT Marketing Committee
  • Advisory Committee
  • European market development Committee
  • EU & French Caribbean Outermost Region relations (EU/FCOR) Committee

The Lobbying Committee is currently monitoring the following areas:

  • EPA Act and its Implementation
    • Foreign Investment Act, especially regulations related to investment in Tobago
    • Public Private Partnership (PPP) approach and capacity building within the Ministry of Finance and the use of PPP has a preferred approach to financing more social projects
    • The Metrology Act, 2004 and its proclamation
    • International standards and norms in identified areas
    • Customs and port procedures regulations, information and improvements
    • Tariffs on wine and spirits.

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    EUROCHAMTT Marketing Committee manages EUROCHAMTT’s identity, logo, branding, visibility, newsletters, website and social media. This Committee manages and implements continuous activities on behalf of EUROCHAMTT and requires volunteers who are talented in these areas and willing to contribute on a pariticipatory level. For more details contact

    The purpose of the Advisory Committee is to have an effective system for directing queries by potential investors and other business persons in areas related to:

    • The tax system in Trinidad and Tobago
    • Companies legislation and regulations
    • Work permits and residency
    • Industrial relations
    • Among other legislation and regulations requiring professional opinions.

    The idea is to provide timely and critical support to investors and business persons while minimizing the liability of EUROCHAMTT. The Committee will review queries and determine which professional member has the appropriate profile and recognised licence to provide the required advice and subsequently refer inquiries to these members. Responses are managed directly by members and independently of EUROCHAMTT. For more details contact

    The purpose of the European market development committee is to facilitate EUROCHAMTT members in Trinidad and Tobago to connect more with the European market and also to facilitate membership development in Europe. In 2014, this Committee will:

    • Facilitate increased dialogue with other Chambers in Europe and arrange presentations with a view to connecting EUROCHAMTT formally with other Chambers
    • Facilitate the organisation of business to business introductions and meetings thereby increasing the exposure and interaction between member companies
    • Recruite European based membership and increase the awareness of European based business opportunities for EUROCHAMTT members.

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    The purpose of the French Caribbean Outermost Region relations Committee (FCOR Committee) is to facilitate EUROCHAMTT members in Trinidad and Tobago to connect more with the FCOR market and also to facilitate membership development of FCOR in EUROCHAMTT. For more details contact or